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Datafile Software Namespaces The element names defined within a schema relate just to that schema. But someone may, for very good reason, want to vary a standard schema. BOSSFed, for instance, base their schemas on the BASDA ones, but include... Read More

Example Datafile XML Template

Datafile Software Example Datafile XML Template The Datafile template below is the BOSSFed order template, which includes specific variations required to create order files. It is a regrettable fact of life that the opXML standards have been... Read More

Output XML Orders

Datafile Software Output XML Orders This will normally be a standard XML output transaction to create the purchase order XML file or files regardless of which supplier these are to be sent. If you should deal with a set of suppliers whose schemas... Read More


Datafile Software decimals decimals="n" — This specifies the places of decimal to be output. In its absence, K and L-type items output with two places of decimal, M-type with four. Read More

Lookup File Structure

Datafile Software Lookup File Structure Item Name Type Size Description 1 CODE X 17 Lookup code, which might be a trading partner code, an EAN product or location code, or any other code 2 NAME X 40 Description or name 3 INTERNAL-CODE X 17 Used... Read More

XML Transaction Types

Datafile Software XML Transaction Types These are the XML transaction currently available. Only the first two are supplied as standard with the XML module. Any others required must be purchased as separate XML transactions. Transactions shown in... Read More

Report Exceptions

Datafile Software Report Exceptions Where order responses, whatever their nature, indicate exceptional conditions such as back orders and product substitution, then this ProFiler report can be used to note these back to you. You can predefine... Read More

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