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 Job Costing

Job Actuals

Datafile Software Job Actuals A total for costs charged is maintained for each of the cost categories (up to 5 for Datafile Professional, up to 9 for Datafile Diamond and up to 30 for Datafile Premier). This includes any mark-up applied to costs... Read More

Period Control Options

Datafile Software Period Control Options The core ledgers – Sales, Purchase and Nominal / Cashbook – and Stock Control all maintain period values on the main record allowing you to view the key movements on an individual record basis... Read More

Link Sales Contact to Job Record

Datafile Software Link Sales Contact to Job Record Where the Job Record is linked to a Sales Account this new feature allows you to link a contact from the sales contacts database to the Job Record also. When adding / updating a job record the... Read More

Record Job Activities

Datafile Software Record Job Activities A job will often go through many different stages and involve many different individuals so it can be useful to have a commentary of activities that operators can update to show the processes that a... Read More

Job Enquiry

Datafile Software Job Enquiry This provides a quick way to check the current situation of any job — for instance, while the customer is on the telephone. You are asked for the job reference, <F4-Select> is available in the usual way,... Read More

Timesheet Authorisation

Datafile Software Timesheet Authorisation The Timesheet entry process can, depending on the number of employees entering timesheets for, be a intensive process with a small number of authorised staff entering timesheets for a large organisation.... Read More

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