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Employee Optional 7/11

Datafile Software Employee Optional 7/11 X Data Item Type Description X Accum Switch K K, L } X Accum Switch L K, L } X Accum Switch M K, L } As for switches A-J above X Accum Switch N K, L } X Accum Switch O K, L } X Accum Switch P K, L }... Read More

Report Coinage Analysis

Datafile Software Report Coinage Analysis This report only lists employees who are marked as receiving payment in cash. It shows the net pay for each employee and the division into notes and coins to satisfy the net pay. If you elect to... Read More

Company/Bank Details

Datafile Software Company/Bank Details The first screen of the Company/Bank Details allows you to specify details of the company for which this payroll is to be used and details of the company bank account and tax officePayroll Name The name... Read More

Payroll Year-End

Datafile Software Payroll Year-End The end-of-year procedure is similar to the period-end procedure except that it also resets the year-to-date values and removes any employees who have left during the tax year.The year-end process steps through... Read More

Compact & Audit Database

Datafile Software Compact & Audit Database The internal processing of databases does not necessarily re-use the space occupied by records that have been deleted. New records are always added to the end of the file. Therefore, over a... Read More

Recall Standard Text

Datafile Software Recall Standard Text Recall Standard Text allows you to attach a word or phrase to a specific key combination (such as <Shift> + <F1>). Up to fifteen phrases can be entered and these are available for update into a... Read More

Employee Optional 5/11

Datafile Software Employee Optional 5/11 X Data Item Type Description X Basic Hours K, L Basic Hours worked in this period X Basic Hours/Value K, L Basic Pay paid this period X Overtime 1 Hours K, L } X Overtime 1 Value K, L } Holds the... Read More

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