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Auto Payments List

Datafile Software Auto Payments List The Auto Payments list reports employees set to receive payment direct into their bank accounts.The report lists the employees, the bank references and their net pay. You can create a BACS payment file to... Read More

Maintain Employee File

Datafile Software Maintain Employee File This option allows you to change the ‘add’ and ‘amend’ employee maintenance screens as well as the extra maintenance options. Actions prefixed with ‘***’ have no... Read More

Using the HMRC DPS Mailbox

Datafile Software Using the HMRC DPS Mailbox Firstly, this option is only applicable on a terminal with access both to the Datafile Payroll system and the Internet! Selecting the DPS option opens the message centre and displays the messages... Read More

Special 161+ Print Items

Datafile Software Special 161+ Print Items The payroll documents and the P11 statement reports allow a range of special items to print. These include values set in the system profiles for payroll, such as the company name and address, with... Read More

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