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Stock Images on Documents – Keep in Proportion

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Stock Images on Documents – Keep in Proportion

The previous update, Release 5.7, introduced an option to print stock images on the document with the image stretched or shrunk to print in a pre-defined area. However, the images were not maintained in proportion meaning that the base image needed to be in the same height/width ratio as the print area on the document.

A new option has been introduced in Release 5.8 to allow the system to keep the base image in proportion when stretching / shrinking to the pre-defined area.


Screen 3 ‘User Defined Column Entries’ of the Document Design Manager includes the option to print stock images. When set a pop-up allows configuration of the print detail and includes the new option to keep the images in proportion.

Keep in Proportion– set to maintain height/width ration on images when stretching or shrinking into the pre-defined print area.

  • Release ID: 5.8