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Nominal Asset Account Validation

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Nominal Asset Account Validation

When entering purchase invoices and credits you will sometimes require the option to analyse against an asset account when purchasing assets rather than the usual expenditure accounts. The Nominal System Profiles allows you to specify an expenditure account range and the system warns if the account is outside this range, as would be usual for asset accounts. In addition, the System Profiles allows you to make the expenditure range check mandatory meaning that either you couldn’t post against asset accounts or you had to define the expenditure range to encompass the asset accounts.

New in Release 5.8 the Nominal System Profiles allow you to define an Asset Accounts range. When set transaction entry in the purchase ledger will validate the entered nominal account against both the expenditure and asset account ranges and will only warn if outside both of these ranges.Note, though that <F4-Select> continues to show only the expenditure range.


The option to define the Asset range is available within the Nominal System Profiles.

Assets From

Assets To

Enter the range of nominal accounts that correspond to the asset analysis codes.

  • Release ID: 5.8