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Configuring Job Costing

Datafile Software Configuring Job Costing Your Datafile Software Job Costing application has a wide range of possible facilities, and you can undertake a great amount of structuring so that it suits your particular operation.Some of the general... Read More

Link to Job Costing

Datafile Software Link to Job Costing The ‘Link to Job Costing’ accessory allows the entry of a sales order to create a new job from sales order entry or to link the order to an existing job. Details against the sales order can be... Read More

Standard Costing

Datafile Software Standard Costing Standard costing is a technique used particularly in manufacturing industries whereby a cost is calculated for each manufactured item to include parts, labour, and even the costs of the machinery needed to... Read More

Configuring Links

Datafile Software Configuring Links As discussed earlier the Job Costing system can be updated from other applications such as the sales and purchase ledgers. The configuration of these applications is discussed within their individual manuals ... Read More

Copy Item Facilities

Datafile Software Copy Item Facilities Copy Items allow you to copy information from a record in one database to a record generated in another when a link between the two databases exists. There are various copy item options in Stock Control,... Read More

Recall Standard Text

Datafile Software Recall Standard Text Recall Standard Text allows you to attach a word or phrase to a specific key combination (such as <Shift> + <F1>). For example you might have a series of standard texts to use for the transaction... Read More

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