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Report Birthdays on Payroll Run

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Report Birthdays on Payroll Run

When running payroll an employee’s age can be important consideration for the likes of minimum wage rates and employee NI contributions, it can also be useful in knowing when to send birthday cards around the office to be signed! This new feature adds the option to ‘flag up’ an employee’s birthday / age on the payroll check and run reports when it occurs in the current or next pay period.

When running the Payroll Check or Payroll Run report a new parameter option for ‘Report Employee Birthdays’ is available. When set the payroll report includes an additional line warning showing the employee’s birth date and age.

The report flags up employee birthdays when they occur within the current or next period, for example, on monthly pay includes this month and next, for weekly pay includes this week and next and so on.

Once payroll has been run (and period ended) with the report birthday parameter set then the system will remember as default next period to report birthdays on the check / run reports.


No set-up changes are required; this feature is available immediately on update to Release 6.4.

  • Release ID: 6.4

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