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Desktop Database Tools - Additional F4-Select Options

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Desktop Database Tools - Additional F4-Select Options

Earlier releases introduced the facility to sort by default the records displayed from an <F4-Select> search based on one of the columns displayed, whilst this release adds the facility to default to a set search item. From Release 6.5 the Desktop Database options ‘Databases on Desktop’, ‘Forms on Desktop’ and the (Premier only) ‘Database Plus on Desktop’ configuration options have been updated to include both of these facilities.


Desktop Database Configuration

The <F4-Select> display for the Desktop Database options are configured through the Desktop Tool options. To update the tools select Database Systems from the main menu followed by Datafiler Database Utilities and then Desktop Tools Definition. Select the required list option from the menus Databases on Desktop Definition,Forms on Desktop Definition and Database Plus Definition before selecting the option database definition from the list. Confirm any authority settings for the database before selecting the UPDATE button and select the Screen Action / Options parameter screen. The new F4-Select configuration options are available on the second screen of parameters.

Auto-Sort Column – select which of the data items above the search results within <F4> are to be sorted in. The column number corresponds to the entry numbers 1-10.Setting this option overrides the LIFO sequence parameter available on this screen.

Auto-Sort Descending– if a sort item is set then setting this parameter processes the sort in descending rather than ascending order.

F4-Focus – when you press F4-Select you can search based on the prime-index of the database, any set secondary indexes and (if Premier) any set extra selection items. Set the focus item to ‘1’ to default the search to the prime-index, to ‘2’ or ‘3’ for any set secondary indexes, and ‘4’ through to ‘9’ for any of the extra selection items. Pressing the <F7-Option> key on this item allows you to view the set secondary indexes and extra selection items for the current database.

  • Release ID: 6.5