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Company Specific Main Menu Picture

Datafile Software

Company Specific Main Menu Picture

When you sign-on to the system you are shown the main menu on the left and a picture on the right – this is generally a Datafile image but some users have updated their own image to replace this (by overwriting their own DFMENU.BMP on top of the Datafile supplied file).

A Datafile system can contain anything from 2 (Compact) to 999 (Premier) separate application companies within it. This new feature allows you to create a CCC.BMP file, where CCC is the three-letter company id, and the appropriate company image will be shown instead of the DFMENU.BMP if the file exists.


The image shown on the sign-on screen is the DFLOGO.BMP and whilst this can be overridden with your own image it will not be application company specific.

If using the /NOLOGO parameter on your start-up then no images will be shown (this can be used to speed up display on slow dial-in connections).


  • Release ID: 5.8