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Ledger Enquiry – New Label Print Option

Datafile Software

Ledger Enquiry – New Label Print Option

This new feature allows you to link the Ledger Enquiry to a Report Generator label print and produce a label for the currently selected record. Typically, this would be of primary use within the sales, purchase and possibly stock enquiries but is available for all applications. This would allow you to (say) print a one-off address label for a letter being sent to a customer / supplier.

Selecting the label option launches a second Datafile session to print a label for the currently selected record. If no pre-defined link to a specific label is set, available for Diamond and Premier only, then the system lists all applicable label definitions.

Depending on the configuration of the label within Report Generator you can select the number of copies of the label to print and the start position of the first label. Once these are set as required select the PRINT button, choose the appropriate printer in the normal manner and the label will be printed and the operator returned to the ledger enquiry screen.


Although this option launches a second Datafile session it does not constitute another Datafile user as the standard ‘multi-task’ options do.


The Ledger Enquiry Manager contains a new parameter screen that, for Diamond and Premier users, allows you to select the label print definition that each enquiry is to link to. Within the Enquiries Configuration a new parameter screen for each application is available to ‘Link to Report Generator Label’.

When selected the system displays the Report Generator list of reports, any definition not applicable for selection is prefixed with n/a. Scroll up/down the list and select the required definition.


You can only link to ‘new-style’ report generator labels.

  • Release ID: 5.9