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Select via Stock Code and Negative Quantities

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Select via Stock Code and Negative Quantities

Existing options within the Document Parameters for Sales and Purchase Order Processing allow the operator to select the order detail to be processed by entry of a stock code or stock secondary index (perhaps a bar code) rather than moving up/down within the order to confirm / amend quantities. This is particularly helpful where items are presented to the operator to be ‘scanned’ for delivery.

After selecting the order detail entry the quantity is confirmed in the normal manner, if the item is selected again then the ‘action qty’ for that order line is increased by the confirmed quantity. This modification allows for the entry of a negative quantity to reduce the ‘action quantity’ on the order line.

Negative quantities are only allowed to reduce quantities already accepted on the current document.


No configuration changes are required for this feature beyond the standard configuration requirements of the ‘Select by Stock Code’ feature.

  • Release ID: 6.2