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Document Reprint - Select Multiple Documents

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Document Reprint - Select Multiple Documents

The Sales Account Ledger Enquiry can hold copies of application documents such as invoices, credit notes and statements. Purchase Ledger and Payroll (Employee) enquiry options also allow access to their equivalent application documents. When listing the documents the facility is available to reprint that document and send to email but often, in the case of the Sales Ledger, the customer can require multiple documents to be re-sent.

This new feature allows the facility to SELECT an entry in the Invoices list which then highlights that entry, you can then scroll through tagging more documents. Once the required documents have been selected then clicking the PRINT will first warn that you have selected multiple documents before asking you to confirm if you wish to send the documents to a print device or to email.

If send to a print device then each selected document is printed in turn, if send to email then (after selecting the email address if multiple contacts are configured) the system creates an email message with separate attachments for each requested invoice.


This feature is available immediately on update to Release 6.7, no configuration changes are required for this facility.

  • Release ID: 6.7