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Alternate Panel Settings

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Alternate Panel Settings

The Ledger Enquiry has two panels between the enquiry screen and the enquiry actions that can be used to display additional data. This can include saved notes, emails or documents as well as the transaction databases.

For each panel you can select


Select from the options available – Notes, Database, Scans, Emails, and Word (other options such as Graph, Contacts, Operations and Job Activities are not applicable for the Payroll enquiry).

If you select "Database” as the action then other settings are required.

Database to List

Select the Database to List – options available (for Premier users only) allow listing of transactions, P11 details or Job Timesheets.

Maximum Records to List

Set the maximum number of records to list. Where a large number of items are available this option can improve the speed of display when only looking for last 10/12 records. Set as required.

Items to List

Select up to five items from the list to be displayed.

LIFO Order

Set whether records are to be displayed in LIFO – Last In First Out Order.

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