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Customer / Product History Enquiry

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Customer / Product History Enquiry

Sales Order Processing allows a History enquiry option that allows you to list the current customers previous order details for a specific stock item, this facility can also be accessed from within the price checker tool. Purchase Order Processing allows a similar tool for supplier order history.

Release 6.2 expands this facility allowing it to be called from the main Discount (Supplier) Matrix menu option and, within this area, supports the use of wildcards when searching for stock items or to ‘toggle’ and search for the customers stock code (where this feature is in use). Diamond and Premier Users can also define this feature as an ‘action’ link against the Sales and Purchase Account Ledger Enquiry.

Enabling this facility adds another option into the Discount (Supplier) Matrix menu for the History enquiry.

When selected the system prompts for the customer (supplier) and stock code you wish to view the order history for - <F4-Select> is available for both inputs.

On the Stock Code input you can optionally enter a partial code to list all those matching – for example enter CH01 to list orders for stock code CH0167, CH0168, CH0169, etc.You can also use the # character as a wildcard within your search – for example ##0167 would list orders for stock codes CH0167, YE0167, DI0167, etc. Once entered the appropriate order details are listed for review.

Once the order details have been listed you can use the ANOTHER button to perform a further enquiry or use the EXIT button to return to the menu.

Where Order Processing is configured to record a customer or supplier stock code you can enter this value by pressing <F7> on the Stock Code input to toggle to enter the customer/supplier stock code instead (no <F4-Select> is available for this input).

Diamond and Premier Users can configure an ACTION link within the Ledger Enquiry to browse the order history.Selecting this option preselects the customer/supplier account based on the active enquiry record and then allows entry of the stock code as before to list the requested order details.


The History options enquire upon the Sales/Purchase Order Detail database and are only applicable where that application is in use.


Sales / Purchase System Profiles

The options to enable the History enquiry are available on parameter screen 5 of the Sales and Purchase System Profiles. To update select Installation from the main menu, lock out the system, choose System Profiles and then the appropriate application.

Allow Desktop "sales history” facility – set to enable the history enquiry option.

Ledger Enquiry Configuration

Diamond and Premier Users who wish to add a link to the History enquiry within the Sales/Purchase Ledger Enquiry can do this via the ‘Launch Other Programs’ option. To update select Installation from the main menu followed by Ledger Enquiry Manager and then Enquiries Configuration, the Sales / Purchase Ledger application, and then Launch Other Programs

Against a blank entry set the Title as required and then enter the Program as DT and the Parameter as 005609 for the Sales Ledger link and 005909 for the Purchase Ledger link. Other options can be set as required.


The items listed within the history enquiry are defined within the Optional Features of the Order Processing Application User Facilities. Screen 1 of the Optional Features enables this enquiry and, if set, a pop-up screen is then displayed allowing selection of up to ten items to be listed.

The toggle options to enter the customer/supplier stock code rely on the referencing of an item on the sales/purchase order detail database. See the Release 6.1 Supplement for more details on this facility (see the section for ‘Printing Customer/Supplier Stock Codes on Documents’)

The Order Processing options to link to history (<F7-Option> key on price input and the HISTORY option on the detail bar menu) allow the additional features described above (although you can’t change the customer being enquired upon). In addition when using the <F7-Option> key a RETURN button has been added so that if you enquire on a different stock code you can update the current order line with this new code (you are then returned to the stock code input to re-verify entered details and copy new description / price settings)

  • Release ID: 6.2