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DELETE - Delete Inactive Accounts

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DELETE - Delete Inactive Accounts

You use this option to delete an account from the ledger. However, you can only delete an account if there are no transactions associated with it, its balance is zero, and there are no outstanding sales or purchase orders. Therefore, it is likely that you will only be able to delete an account where it has been added incorrectly and you do not wish to amend it.


When an account has had transactions posted against it, but you no longer wish to trade with the customer/supplier, then you could mark the account for deletion at year-end. This is discussed later in this section.

Alternatively, Diamond and Premier users have the option to flag an account as ‘ignored’. This omits the account from reports, provided the balance is zero, and from selection when adding invoices and orders. This allows you to keep the account for enquiry purposes but ignore for all other respects.

If the account is ineligible for deletion you are warned as soon as you select the account.<Enter> will then return to the menu. Otherwise, the system displays the same accounts maintenance screen as for add/update etc. but instead of the SAVE and ABANDON buttons, DELETE and ABANDON buttons are displayed for selection. Note: once an account is deleted it is removed from the file and cannot be recovered.

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