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Email Search Option

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Email Search Option

Release 6.0 allowed users of Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007 to save emails against a main application record – i.e. the sales account, purchase order, etc. – within the Ledger Enquiry. Over time these emails will build up for busy accounts and it can be difficult to track down a particular email. New in Release 6.3 is a search option that allows, for Outlook 2003 users, the ability to search for a word or phrase within the email title (subject) and for Outlook 2007 users the ability to search both the title and within the body of the email.

At the foot of the mail list is an option to ‘Search For’ where you can enter the text required and then click the left-arrow icon to commence the search. Users with Outlook 2003 will only be searching the title but users of Outlook 2007 can also search within the body of the email by selecting the ‘body’ tick box.Note that where you have a large number of emails the body search will be slower.

Once the search has been completed the matching emails are listed and can be opened or printed as required. To clear the search press the right-arrow key, EXIT will also clear the search key.



No changes are required for Outlook 2003 but to enable the body search you need to add a command line to the DATAFILE.INI (or the DFWIN.INI if operators on the system have a mix of email clients) to add the line:


This command line activates the body search option but doesn’t set to search by default allowing the operator to select a body search as needed. To enable the body search option by default you need to add the line:


  • Release ID: 6.3