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WINMAIL.dat - When sending PDF Attachments from Datafile with Microsoft Outlook the Recipient Only Sees a WINMAIL.DAT Attachment
Viewed 13993 times since Tue, Feb 4, 2014
CAUSE The Winmail.dat file is used to preserve Rich Text formatting. Outlook uses it when sending a Rich Text-formatted message. During transport, the content of the message may be changed, preventing the receiving client from being able to read the... Read More
Windows 10 1803 Update / Windows Defender
Viewed 554 times since Wed, May 30, 2018
Windows 10 1803 Update / Windows Defender   The latest version of Windows Defender installed with the Windows 10 1803 update can block connections to the HMRC for FPS / EPS submissions in some circumstances – the system reporting a &lsquo... Read More
Unallocating Transactions in Earlier Periods
Viewed 417 times since Wed, May 29, 2019
Sales and Purchase Ledger Unallocating Transactions in Earlier Periods - Version 20 programs only When allocating Sales and Purchase transactions the system displays the "current” transactions where "current” means transactions entered in this... Read More
Print P45 to PDF Form
Viewed 92 times since Sun, Aug 2, 2020
A new option has been added to Payroll to print the P45 document to a PDF form document template. This allows you to print the P45 from the software to plain paper without ordering HMRC stationery. If enabled, then when print the P45 the... Read More
Microsoft Office Links 2018
Viewed 35 times since Thu, Jun 18, 2020
A new Datafile add-in is available with additional features in the links between Datafile and Microsoft Office. The add-in, available for use for users on Datafile 2018 with the Datafile Excel RTD Add-In, allows for links back from Excel... Read More