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VAT Form 100 - Group VAT Registration

Group VAT Registration

The Cashbook VAT Form 100 reports its entries based on Nominal Ledger transactions. In a multi company environment where companies share the same VAT registration number, these need to be consolidated to submit the VAT Form 100 via MTD.
Set Up
The Nominal Ledger ‘Update from Other Systems’ facility allows you to define an update as an ‘Update from Another Database’.  You can use this option to import nominal transactions from one company into another.

In addition to defining the Debit/Credit Accounts and Amount items, the following additional settings required so the VAT Form 100 report can be created:

1. Journal Source Code
In order to be included and analysed correctly within the VAT Form 100 the source on the Nominal Journal needs to one of the following:

S/L (Sales Ledger)
P/L (Purchase Ledger)
CBR (Cashbook Receipts)
CBP (Cashbook Payments)

Instead of entering a journal source as text, you should reference the data item number of the import file that contains the original journal source as per screenshot above.

2. Copy Items
The other key elements for building the VAT Form 100 are the Cash-Net, Cash-Tax and Tax Code data items on the nominal transaction file. Copy items should be set from the source DFD table to the company Nominal Ledger Transaction table to update these fields.

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