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Unallocated Transaction Reports

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Unallocated Transaction Reports

Unlike the previous transaction reports, these reports look at all transactions on the file, searching for transactions which are not yet fully allocated. For this reason only open-item account transactions are printed.You would use such reports where you have a number of unallocated transactions and wish to start clearing them off the ledger.

All the reports are run in the same way, and just those transactions which satisfy the report heading are selected. Note that for the purchase ledger the first choice is ‘Credits (e.g. Invoices)’ and the second is Debits (the reverse of the Sales Ledger).

Debit Listing

Credit Listing

Contra Listing

Disputed Listing

Bad Debt Listing (S/L Only)

Proposed to Pay Listing (P/L Only)

Unauthorised Listing (P/L Only)

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