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Increased Selective Order Header Screens

Datafile 2019 and above

Sales and Purchase Order Processing allow for the user of two order header entry screens when entering sales/purchase orders and one further selective screen that is only displayed when the order matches the required criteria.  This new feature increases the number of selective screens to 5.


Selective screens could be used to enter additional criteria for order types – for example when the order is a quote you could enter additional quote parameters, if the order is a credit you could enter additional credit reasons, and so on.






Application User Facilities


To configure selective screens Installerusers can right click on the explorer menu for Order Entry and select Configure Option.  Alternatively, select Installation from the main menu followed by Application Manager and then Application User Facilities.  Select the appropriate Order Processing application before selecting Enter/Amend Orders and Maintain New Order Header Screens



Highlight the screen required and then either right-click and choose Form Design or click the Design tab.


For a selective screen you are first prompted for the number of lines down the screen – maximum is 16 – after which the screen template is displayed.



You design the screen in the usual manner – enter text labels by position the cursor and typing, lines by switching to line mode on the design ribbon and then clicking and dragging with the mouse, add adding data items by positioning the cursor and using the <F4-Select> key.


Once the screen template is complete press the SAVE label on the Design ribbon.


You can define the criteria under which the selective screen is displayed by highlighting the screen before right-clicking with the mouse and choosing Criteria.



Criteria is defined in the usual manner.


Lastly you can give the screen a title as an alternative to ‘Selective Screen 1’ etc.  Right-click with the mouse and choose Rename and enter required title.



Note that screens are only ‘active’ when the ‘In Use’ tick box is set.

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