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Cash Book Listings - Cashbook

Datafile Software Cash Book Listings - Cashbook Here you define what items are to print on the specific cash book reports. Each of these reports uses the transactions file, except for the cash statement report which uses the accounts file as... Read More

Cash Book Configuration

Datafile Software Cash Book Configuration Your Datafile Software ledger systems have a wide range of possible facilities, and you can undertake a great amount of structuring so that it suits your particular operation.This section describes how... Read More

Cash Flow Forecast - Cashbook

Datafile Software Cash Flow Forecast - Cashbook Cash flow planning has two distinct flavours: Short-term cash flow, needed by you to make sure you are in funds. This looks forward only a few weeks, you may well revise it daily (at the minimum,... Read More

Cash Account - Cashbook

Datafile Software Cash Account - Cashbook You use this option to add or amend cash accounts, together with their individual characteristics.You can use it for non-cash accounts too. You are prompted at the bottom of the screen to enter an... Read More


Datafile Software Cashbook As with the nominal ledger, the essence of the foreign currency cashbook is that all transactions are converted to base currency values. However, account balance and transaction details are also held in the foreign... Read More

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