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Time Sheet Header

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Time Sheet Header

Employee Code

First enter the employee code. If you do not know it, use <F4-Select> to list employees to the screen. You must already have defined a record for the employee in the cost code file, with a category labour. If you have not yet done so, <Escape> to the main job costing menu and select Maintain Cost Codes to create a code for this employee.

Once you have entered a valid employee, his or her name, payroll and payroll number are displayed at the top of the screen. If you select a code which is not defined as an employee cost code, then you warned accordingly. You can only enter true employee cost codes here, so press <Enter> to return and have another go.


Enter the date from the employee’s time sheet. Depending on configuration the system may warn if the date entered is equal / earlier than another timesheet entered for this employee code.

Total Hr/Mins

Subject to configuration settings you may be prompted for the total hours and minutes you are to enter timesheets for on this entry. If working from a totalled list this is a useful double-check for typing errors.Note: that if leave this value as 0:00 then this is expected to be the total for the entered timesheets.

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