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Help Bubble Display Size

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Help Bubble Display Size

As you move around the applications the system can display a help bubble at certain points at the bottom right of the screen showing additional information. This can range from displaying the last account selected for the current process (in this session) to additional explanatory text for the parameter within the system profiles. Various users have commented that this display is quite small on higher resolutions and for users with poorer eyesight. New in Release 6.5 is the option to increase the display size of this help text.

To increase the display size of the help bubble text use the mouse to focus on the help text and click with the left mouse button – each click increases the display size by one point. To decrease the size of the help text click the help bubble with the right mouse button.

Note that this option is applied to all users when the system is set to use the same font and size for all users within the CONFIG sign-on ‘User Preferences’. If elect to change this setting to disable the same font and size setting then it is recommended that you also set the option for ‘Location of User D01’ in the same parameter screen. (‘.\’ is the usual response so the system creates a folder per user for the DFWIN.D01 for each user off the working folder). If you don’t set the location then the DFWIN.D01 is created within the C:\WINDOWS folder of the user pc and this can be unavailable depending on security settings for the pc.

  • Release ID: 6.5