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F8-Zoom - Allow Other Searches and Enquiries

Datafile Software

F8-Zoom - Allow Other Searches and Enquiries

The Ledger Enquiry allows you to perform enquires against any of the main application databases.When updating or viewing records within the main applications the <F8-Zoom> allows you to transfer to the Ledger Enquiry for the current application but you were restricted to enquiring on just that record / application without exiting and then accessing the Ledger Enquiry. From Release 6.5 this restriction has been removed and you can now enquire upon other records within the current enquiry and swap to enquire upon other applications.


This option is available immediately on update to Release 6.5 but note this option is only available where configured for ‘new-style’ Ledger Enquiries with the R60LOOK=TRUE (or R65LOOK=TRUE) entry set within the DATAFILE.INI file

  • Release ID: 6.5