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Application Memos – Warning or Note

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Application Memos – Warning or Note

When you add a memo to an account (or other application record) then every time you access that account the memo is displayed for review. If the memo was intended as a note then it can become annoying if that memo is continually re-displayed unnecessarily. Existing options allowed you to set that memo warnings were not displayed, but this was actioned on a application basis. This new feature allows you to set on a memo-by-memo basis whether the memo is a ‘warning’ – in which case it will show each time, or a ‘note’ – the memo will not be displayed unless use the F9-Memo key.

If configured, when a memo is being added/updated options are available to set whether the memo is to act as a warning or a note – select as required.


If a memo is applied to an account then the text ‘F9-MEMO’ will be displayed in uppercase in the status line at the foot of the screen.

When open existing or create new memos the system will default the memo type to ‘Note’ or ‘Warning’ according to the application wide setting for warn in the Memo Facility Definition.

Restructure a Database

To implement this option you need to amend the MEMO-REF data item on an application database to a X(7) field – previously it was a Y(6) item.

The memo reference continues to be held as the first six characters of this field. The final character will be updated as either ‘W’ if it’s a warning memo or ‘N’ if it’s a note memo. Existing memo’s will have a blank for this character and the system will continue to warn / not warn as per the global application settings. Once an existing memo has been opened and saved the Warn/Note setting will be applied.

  • Release ID: 5.8