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Company Specific Menus

Datafile Software

Company Specific Menus

When using multi-application companies you may find that some options are not applicable in that company or that you need to add a reporting option but that is only applicable for one of the companies.

This new feature allows you to create company specific application menu’s and, if Premier, company specific main menu’s.

Within the menu design if you wish to call a company specific menu for (say) the Sales Ledger then the main Sales menu is usually SL.D03. If you set the call as SL???.D03 then at run-time the system will replace the ??? with the current company id (i.e. ABC) and open up the SLABC.D03 if this menu does not exist then the system will ignore the company ‘???’ and open up the standard SL.D03.


If the system detects the use of a company specific menu then use of the Desktop Change Company process (or the <Alt>+<O> key combination) will return the operator to the main menu.

Premier users can also use the company ‘???’ identifier against the default menu setting for the user-id. Note though, that you should set a default company against the user-id in these circumstances.

  • Release ID: 5.9