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Screen / Spool Report Hyperlinks

Datafile Software

Screen / Spool Report Hyperlinks

This new feature, available when send application reports and documents to screen or spooler, highlights account codes and order references and allows you to click the code/reference and brings up the ledger enquiry for that key code.

The available ‘hyperlink’ settings are displayed on screen blocked in green and if click with the mouse the system will load the ledger enquiry and select the appropriate enquiry/record.

Exit from the enquiry returns you back to the spooled report.


No set-up changes are required, the hyperlink option is available on new screen/spooled reports created from the applications (though not via Report Generator or ProFiler) and is available on all ‘key’ fields provided the data item is known within the Database Profiles – so, for example, a sales transaction listing would allow links on the sales account code, the nominal account code and potentially the sales order reference or stock code.

Link options are not available where the operator has insufficient rights to access the enquiry in the normal manner.

  • Release ID: 6.1