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Alternate Image Viewer

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Alternate Image Viewer

Of particular use within Stock Control or Payroll, but available for all main application databases, is the option to link an image to the database record. This image can then be viewed using the toolbar image icon or the Image link within the Utilities panel of the Ledger Enquiry.

Selecting the image displays the requested jpeg or bitmap file using an internal Datafile viewing tool. This new option allows you to use the Windows operating systems default program to view the image or nominate an alternate program (EXE) to display the image.



The facility to nominate an alternate viewer for images is controlled via the DATAFILE.INI. This file, usually held within the main Datafile folder (typically DFWIN or DF) for your system, can be edited with a text editor such as Notepad. To enable the alternate viewer to use the standard Windows viewer you need to add the lines:


To use an alternate program such as MSPAINT.EXE (EXE programs only) you need to add:


  • Release ID: 6.7