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Employee Mandatory 2/4

Datafile Software

Employee Mandatory 2/4

X Data Item Type Description

NI-Reference X (9) Holds the national insurance number for the employee.

NI-Table Letter X (1) Holds the NI category of the employee – other than on first add of the employee this item is automatically view-only

X Contracted Out ? Flag to identify the NI category as being a contracted out code. This item is set automatically based on the selected category.

X NI YTD Pay Value K, L The NI contributions for NI are sometimes based on different values than PAYE – this is the earnings that employee NI is based on. This value, if displayed, would be view only except when starting to use Datafile payroll after the start of a tax year.

X NI YTD Pay Value (ER) K, L This is the earning that employer NI is based on.Until recently this could be a different value than the above when earnings exceeded the upper earnings limit but now they will contain the save value. Again, this would be view only except when starting to use Datafile payroll after the start of the tax year.

X NI Curr Pay Value K, L This is the earnings in the current period that NI is based on.

Tax Code X (5) Contains the employee tax code. On entry via employee maintenance options the code is checked to ensure it’s a valid format.

Week/Month-1 ? Flag to identify if the employee is taxed on a week-1 basis.

Current Pay Period N This is the payroll period up to which the employee has been paid. It is set to the current period when the payroll has been run unless the employee has left (where it stays at the last period it was run) or if advanced pay was paid (where it is the period up to which pay has been given).

Previous Emp Pay K, L } Previous Employment Pay and Tax

Previous Emp Tax K, L } entered from the P45 when an employee starts.

Director ? Flag to identify the employee as a director of the company.

Current Pay Status X (1) Flag to identify the current status – I-Details Input, Payroll Not Yet Processed, A-Already Paid, B-Basic Omitted, S-Stat Payments and Holiday Pay only, X-Exclude from Payroll.

X Tax Refund Held Amnt K, L } Currently there is no limit on the tax that

Tax Refund Auth ? } can be refunded. If re-instated then the

} refund held would be set here and you

} would need to set the flag to authorise


Employee Post Code X Holds the employee post code

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