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Update Job Record within Enquiry

Datafile Software

Update Job Record within Enquiry

Datafile Premier Users can select to update the Sales or Purchase Account record on the Ledger Enquiry screen itself rather than linking to the Update Account procedure within the Sales Ledger. This option has now been extended to Job Costing allowing you to update the Job record on screen.


Ledger Enquiry Manager

To enable the option to update on the enquiry screen you need to add an action within the Ledger Enquiry Manager for Job Costing. To allow the update option select Installation, from the main menu, followed by Ledger Enquiry Manager and then Enquiries Configuration. Select the Job Costing application and then the Launch Other Programs parameter screen.

If the existing list is blank then the system has two ‘default’ options to update the job record within job costing itself and to print a job statement, if you enter any details within here then these default actions will be cleared and these alternate options used in preference.

To enable the option to update the Job record on the ledger enquiry screen you need to set the title required and then set the Program as UPD. Other items can be left blank as necessary though you may want to set a default authority level to restrict access to selected operators.


Standard screen entry options apply – within the Job Record screen design the usual options of View Only / Uppercase Input / Mandatory Input are available.

You should ensure that all value fields (with the possible exception of budgets / quoted price) are view only together with any system parameter fields such as job status etc.

  • Release ID: 6.2