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Scanned Documents - Save As PDF

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Scanned Documents - Save As PDF

When scanning documents, either as invoices during purchase transaction entry or via the Ledger Enquiry, the system saves the document as a TIF file against the record.When the system is configured to scan in colour or at higher resolutions the TIF file can be quite large so that scanning a large number of documents can take up quite a lot of disk space and makes it less portable by email. This new feature allows for the scanned document to be saved as a PDF file which results in a smaller file.


System Profiles

A new parameter has been added to the scan options within the Purchase Ledger System Profiles (these settings are used for the scan options on the Ledger Enquiry and within ProFiler also). To update Diamond and Premier Users should select Installation from the main menu followed by Application Manager and then System Profiles before selecting the Purchase Ledger application;Compact and Professional users should select Installation, lock out the system, and then select System Profiles and Purchase Ledger.

Towards the bottom of the first screen is the prompt ‘Scanning of Purchase Invoices if set then as you <Enter> through this parameter a pop-up form appears displaying the scan parameters.

Save Scan as PDF File – if set then the system continues to scan the file as per the ‘Save Document Images as’ parameter below after scanning the system converts this to a PDF file.


 The higher the resolution and whether the scan is colour vs. black/white or grey scale increases the length of time the scan takes and the conversion time required.

  • Release ID: 6.4