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Additional Features for Database Plus Enquiries


Database Plus allows for enquiry actions to view Master/Detail databases – this might allow additional enquiry tools against the Sales Ledger / Sales Order files etc. or your own application databases.  These new features allow for greater flexibility in master / detail screen display.


Within the screen design facilities, the master display area when using the screen design can now be defined over 16 lines, at run-time the system will expand the master display size as defined.   The form for the enquiry will expand vertically as required, reducing the number of details displayed on the initial view (and activating a vertical scroll bar as required)


The number of detail items that can be listed has been increased from 10 to 16 items, at run-time the system will expand the form as required.  The form on the enquiry will expand horizontally as required activating a horizontal scroll bar as required.


In addition to the above the Alt+Y will now support the use of F5-Last / F6-Next in record selection when the Database Plus screen in use is linked to a Datafile application.




Database Plus Configuration


To update the Database Plus Definition, select Database Systems from the main menu followed by Datafiler Database Utilities, Desktop Tools Definition and then Database Plus Definition.  The system will list the available definitions, blank entries are undefined, highlight the required entry and choose UPDATE.


The initial pre-amble screen allows you to define the databases and general access rules – update these as required and the system will then display a menu of parameters.


The new options are included within the Screen Layout parameters.


Against the parameter Or use Screen Design for Master (which if set replaces the initial left/right data item display) is a new prompt Over How Many Lines.  The existing (default) size is 5 lines but this can be increased to 16 lines.


For the Detail Itemsup to sixteen items can now be defined.

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