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Period Control Options

Datafile Software Period Control Options The core ledgers – Sales, Purchase and Nominal / Cashbook – and Stock Control all maintain period values on the main record allowing you to view the key movements on an individual record basis... Read More

Period End / Start Next Period

Datafile Software Period End / Start Next Period You use this option to close the current period and start a new period. Before running this option you should ensure the nominal ledger has been updated – if configured to update from the... Read More

Period End - Stock Control

Datafile Software Period End - Stock Control The period-end is a housekeeping routine. You should use it on a monthly basis to match your accounting periods, particularly if you want to keep the monthly history of demand for each stock item up-to... Read More

Permitted Characters

Datafile Software Permitted Characters Any printable characters can be used within a Datafile template, other than with the restriction on element names given above. However, certain characters have specific uses and are best avoided within data... Read More

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