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Datafile XML Template

Datafile Software Datafile XML Template The Datafile XML template is, as its name suggests, an example of what the application XML file looks like, except that data is represented by references to the application database items. It also includes... Read More

Datafile SQL Monitor

Datafile Software Datafile SQL Monitor The Datafile SQL Monitor oversees the SQLMgr program checking for memory usage and time responses. The monitor checks on a set time period (configurable) and if a condition is triggered such as high... Read More

Datafile SQL Configuration

Datafile Software Datafile SQL Configuration Running the SQL Configuration option allows you to configure the link from the Datafile system to the SQL Database. It is important to note at this point that SQL is not a layman’s tool. The... Read More

Datafile SQL Driver

Datafile Software Datafile SQL Driver The Datafile Database is a proprietary database – this means that the data within can be read and updated within the Datafile Software suite of programs but not by other programs. To access the data... Read More

Datafile RTD Excel Add-In

Datafile Software Solutions Datafile RTD Excel Add-In The Datafile system as standard allows reports to be sent to Microsoft Excel as part of the print process. Once the report is in Microsoft Excel however the data is static so when balances... Read More

Example Datafile XML Template

Datafile Software Example Datafile XML Template The Datafile template below is the BOSSFed order template, which includes specific variations required to create order files. It is a regrettable fact of life that the opXML standards have been... Read More

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