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Data Item Names

Datafile Software Data Item Names Data items in the template are specified using the data item number in 3-digit format preceded by a "D” and (optionally) followed after a hyphen by a data item name that describe its contents, e.g. D010... Read More

Database INI Settings

Datafile Software Database INI Settings The Database INI option allows for quick configuration of some of the extra features for the main application database without restructuring the file. For full details see the Configuration Guide Manual... Read More

Database Profiles

Datafile Software Database Profiles Database Profiles are the interface between the program and the databases, allow the program to read/update the data and interpret the values contained within. The data item profiles for the Sales and... Read More

Database Utilities

Datafile Software Database Utilities The Database Utilities menu provides options to create and restructure application databases, to set and maintain table and constant values, to print the database definition, perform various special... Read More

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