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Link to Sales Ledger

Datafile Software Link to Sales Ledger When entering invoice and credit transactions direct into the sales ledger then you can optionally select a job record to update. If selected then, on update to the sales ledger, the job costing system is... Read More

System Status

Datafile Software System Status This displays a summary of the current status of all the job files. Choosing this option, the following screen is displayed. The following paragraphs describe the various pieces of information displayed: COMPANY... Read More

Ledger Enquiry

Datafile Software Ledger Enquiry The Ledger Enquiry for Job Costing shows a full screen of job detail with transaction enquiry options, depending on configuration, for transactions (costs), sales orders, purchase orders and category analysis. ... Read More

Clear Completed Jobs

Datafile Software Clear Completed Jobs From time to time you may want to clear completed jobs and/or job cost details from your files.One reason may be to clear space from the job costing files for more jobs (though you can always enlarge the... Read More

Update from Purchase Ledger

Datafile Software Update from Purchase Ledger If recording the job and cost codes against purchase transactions – entered in purchase ledger – but not updating the job costing at this point then this option allows you to batch... Read More

Transactions Listing

Datafile Software Transactions Listing This gives a straightforward list of all the transactions applied to the job costing system. In practice you may to want to print only those transactions added in the current month or since the last time... Read More

Cost Code Listing

Datafile Software Cost Code Listing This report lists all the cost codes defined for use in your job costing system, including all the employees you have defined. Note If you want to exclude cost codes that refer to employees then you could... Read More

Amount Invoiced to Clients

Datafile Software Amount Invoiced to Clients This option enables you to record invoices sent to your clients against the job concerned, so that you may compare progress of the amount invoiced with the amount quoted, which was entered at the... Read More

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