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Application Manager - Cashbook

Datafile Software Application Manager - Cashbook Selecting the Application Manager (Diamond and Premier only) menu option gives a further sub-set of actions. The options available on this menu are discussed in their own sections later on where... Read More

System Status - Cashbook

Datafile Software System Status - Cashbook This displays a summary of the current status of the nominal ledger. It acts as a useful check on the ledger. COMPANY — displays the identifying code and the name of the company in use FILES ... Read More

Account Enquiry - Cashbook

Datafile Software Account Enquiry - Cashbook This provides an easy way to view an account and its transactions. You are first asked for the account code. You can use the <F4–Select> facility to search for an account here in the usual... Read More

End of Year Procedure - Cashbook

Datafile Software End of Year Procedure - Cashbook This procedure opens up a new year for the company. As discussed earlier you may have to do this shortly before the actual year-end for ‘forward postings’ in the sales and purchase... Read More

Journal Cleardown - Cashbook

Datafile Software Journal Cleardown - Cashbook You can clear transactions from the transactions file whenever you like and you do not have to remove transactions at all (subject to product level file size limits). You are advised to keep all... Read More

Close Previous Year - Cashbook

Datafile Software Close Previous Year - Cashbook As discussed previously the cash book covers two financial years – a current year and a previous year.You close the previous year once all postings and reports have been completed for that... Read More

Year End Facilities - Cashbook

Datafile Software Year End Facilities - Cashbook Most users will not have this option on their menu. If you are running a nominal ledger then you use the nominal year-end processes to close years and open new years. If however, you do not have... Read More

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