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Batch Matrix - Batch Tracking

Datafile Software Batch Matrix - Batch Tracking MATRIX CODE X (10) Holds the prime index of the matrix template file. DESCRIPTION X (30) Holds the description of the matrix template HEADING X (30) Holds the description updated as the &lsquo... Read More

Trans Optional - Batch Tracking

Datafile Software Trans Optional - Batch Tracking S/L P/L ACCOUNT X (10) Holds the sales or purchase account (as appropriate) that the transaction was generated for. S/L P/L ORDER REF X (16) Holds the order number that the transaction was... Read More

Stock Assembly - Batch Tracking

Datafile Software Stock Assembly - Batch Tracking ASSY BUILD NO X (6) If batch record built through the Stock Control ‘Assembly’processes then this option contains the assembly build reference. ASSY BUILD DATE D, E If batch record... Read More

Stock Take - Batch Tracking

Datafile Software Stock Take - Batch Tracking DATE COUNTED D, E Last date a count was done for this batch record COUNTED QUANTITY K, L, M The ‘physically’ counted quantity for this batch record COMPARE QUANTITY K, L, M The quantity... Read More

Batch Mandatory - Batch Tracking

Datafile Software Batch Mandatory - Batch Tracking BATCH NUMBER X (32) The prime index of the batch file holding the batch code itself. STOCK CODE X (32) Holds the stock code that the batch/serial item belongs to. STOCK RECORD NO Y (6) Holds the... Read More

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