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SQLDET Database Structure

Datafile Software SQLDET Database Structure Two new data items can be added to the SQLDET.DFD file that will record the program and the parameter number which generated, together with the existing (Premier only) options to record the user-id,... Read More

Datafile SQL Driver

Datafile Software Datafile SQL Driver The Datafile Database is a proprietary database – this means that the data within can be read and updated within the Datafile Software suite of programs but not by other programs. To access the data... Read More

Running the SQL Manager

Datafile Software Running the SQL Manager Once you have databases set to mirror / import you are ready to run the SQL Manager – run this from the desktop and/or the menu on start-up menu. When run a small ‘grey’ form will... Read More

Datafile SQL Monitor

Datafile Software Datafile SQL Monitor The Datafile SQL Monitor oversees the SQLMgr program checking for memory usage and time responses. The monitor checks on a set time period (configurable) and if a condition is triggered such as high... Read More


Datafile Software SQL Out The SQL Configuration has two schedules – one for SQL updates TO the Datafile system, and one for SQL Updates FROM the Datafile System. (SQL Updates to the Datafile system are outside the purview of this manual.... Read More

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