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Ledger Enquiry - Additional CRM Categories

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Ledger Enquiry - Additional CRM Categories

The CRM panel within the Ledger Enquiry allows links to record Word documents, Notes, Scans, and Emails against the application enquiry record.Users have requested additional options to store the likes of spreadsheet documents for supplier price lists, PDF files for product specification and audio files for quote acceptances against the enquiry. Whilst you could store these files generically via the Links option Release 6.5 allows the facility to define up to five additional CRM links for use in the Ledger Enquiry.

The links are defined via the DATAFILE.INI and are system-wide—applying cross-company to all the enquiries. On the enquiry screen above new facilities have been added to link Excel, PDF and Audio files to the enquiry record but you could include options such as publisher files or images instead of the examples here.

Selecting one of the links against an enquiry record lists any existing files for the selected type and allows options similar to that within the other link actions such as scans.

You can create new files (for selected types), you can also open, delete, print or rename files. The Copy function allows you to open an explorer window and browse to pick up a file from another location and copy to the enquiry.



These options are available via amendments to the DATAFILE.INI. The INI file is usually located in the main DFWIN (or DF) folder for your system and can be edited with any text editor.

 If you add the line with the format:

F10=(Title,file suffix,file suffix),(Title,file suffix)

for example

F10=(Excel Files,XLS,XLSX),(PDF Files,PDF),(Audio Files,MP3,WAV)

defines three additional CRM categories for Excel Spreadsheets, PDF Files and Audio Files and defines the file suffixes applicable to be listed in that category. Up to five titles can be defined.

  • Release ID: 6.5