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Ledger Enquiry – Update Sales / Purchase Accounts

Datafile Software

Ledger Enquiry – Update Sales / Purchase Accounts

This new feature allows you to update the sales or purchase account you are currently enquiring upon.Primarily intended for update of contact details you can update any item displayed on screen subject to the restrictions detailed below.

Selecting the UPDATE button available on the action panel at the foot of the screen you are taken on to the screen to edit the items as required.


Whilst the enquiry screen design can set whether items are view-only or not, selected items are view-only by design regardless of these settings. These items include account ‘sensitive’ items such as balance, balance-b/f, turnover-ytd, etc. plus any DB-profiled items that would normally allow look-ups (which are not supported in the ledger enquiry) such as tax code or default nominal code.


The Ledger Enquiry Manager allows access to the screen design for the enquiry so that you can set items as view-only or not as required. In addition, though, you need to set the authority level for the account update within the ‘Transactions / Details Enquiry’ parameter screen.

U – Update Account– set the authority level from 0-9 where 0 is the highest and 9 is the lowest to allow access to the Update option on the ledger enquiry. Leave blank to disable the Update action for all users.

  • Release ID: 5.9