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Ledger Enquiry – New Notes Option

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Ledger Enquiry – New Notes Option

This new feature allows for the addition of ‘notes’ against the selected record. You can have as many notes as you like and the content of the note is yours to control – you may, for example, want to record details of conversation with your customer against their sales ledger account.

Selecting the Notes option gives you an enquiry screen listing any existing notes and allowing you to update, view, delete or print existing notes.

When you first select the Notes option against an account, and no notes have previously been added, then only the Add Notes button and the ‘Refresh Screen’ buttons are available.Once a note has been created then the other options will be automatically enabled.

Selecting the Add Notes option asks you for a title for the note – enter as appropriate. Once entered a note input template is displayed, similar to that displayed for memos, for you to enter the notes required.

When adding a note options are available to SAVE the note and return to the notes list, abandon the current changes to the note, clear the existing note (if you wish to delete the note follow this up with SAVE), insert the current date into the note, print the note or change the font of selected text.

Once notes have been recorded against a record the system, in addition to activating the update, view, etc. buttons the system will also display the start of the currently highlighted note in a panel on the right. Selecting the EXIT button returns you to the ledger enquiry.


Notes are created as TITLE.RTF files within the ‘links’ folder for the current record in the same manner as word documents or scanned files.

You are only able to delete a note if signed on as user with an authority level of 0.

If notes exist against a record/account then the Ledger Enquiry will display ‘(*)’ after the title on the utility panel.

  • Release ID: 5.9