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Ledger Enquiry - New Interface

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Ledger Enquiry - New Interface

This release brings a new interface to the Ledger Enquiry options available on the Datafile Desktop.

The first change is that when you are prompted for the record to select, i.e. the account code for sales/purchase enquiries, the order reference for sales/purchase orders, etc., then if the code input is displayed on screen you will be prompted within the input for the record to select rather than a pop-up at the bottom of the screen.All the usual <F4-Select> options continue to be available as previously. If the account code is not shown on screen then a pop-up at the bottom of the screen is shown for you to select the record.

The second change is to the menu options available – an ACTION button has been added which, when selected, lists the options available in more detail that can be shown on the individual buttons (you can select the action from here also). Two additional options are available here also UPDATE and STATEMENT – these are discussed later, the FILES button has been replaced by a SCANS option on the utility panel.

The third change gives you a utilities panel on the right of the screen which allows you to see (depending on the enquiry):

qGraph – display of selected data from the record. For example the sales enquiry will show the turnover and cost value of sales over the last financial year.

qWeb – link to the website recorded on the active account/record.

qMail – launches the email client pre-set with the email address recorded on the active record/account.

qWord – shows existing Microsoft Word documents created against this record and allows amendment/print of these documents and the creation of new documents.

qImage – shows any image linked to the current record / account.

qLinks – opens a ‘Windows Explorer’ folder for this account / record. With this folder you may have files such as spreadsheets, PDF files, etc. If right-click and choose NEW then various options will be available to create new files depending on the software installed on the pc.

qMap – links to a map website showing the location derived from any post code recorded on the active record / account.

qMemo – adds / updates the memo recorded against the record / account.

qNotes – new option allowing the recording of additional notes against the record / account.Discussed in more detail later.

qScans – improvement of the previously available FILES button discussed later.

qLabels – new option allowing printing of a linked Report Generator label. Discussed in more detail later.

qClipboard – new option allowing additional copying to the Windows Clipboard from the current record. Discussed in more detail later.


These options are available via amendments to the DATAFILE.INI

If you add the line:


 to the DATAFILE.INI then this option will enable the ledger enquiry display features. If you have the entry R57LOOK=TRUE already set within the INI then you should replace this with the new setting. For the changes implemented under the R57LOOK setting see the Release 5.7 Supplement.

  • Release ID: 5.9