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Receipt Posting – Advanced Search Options for Sales A/C’s

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Receipt Posting – Advanced Search Options for Sales A/C’s

When posting receipts you may find that your customer has paid, for example, by BACS and the name shown on your statement does not match that of the account name. This utility provides an option to search for accounts with a balance matching an entered value, an outstanding invoice matching an entered value, or a BACS Name on the account record, in addition to the existing option of searching on a transaction reference.

During entry of the analysis line if you select to post to the sales ledger you are asked for either the account code or invoice reference depending on configuration. If this new feature is configured then you will be prompted for the reference, an account balance, a transaction balance or the BACS account name either directly or, if prompting for an account, via the <F7-Option> key.

Enter any of the details requested and the system will search the account / transaction file as appropriate for matching values. If only one record is matched the account is selected for you, if more than one match found the appropriate account / transactions are listed for you to select.

If you enter a BACS account name in addition to the reference / balance search then the system will offer to update the BACS name back to the account record.


Application User Facilities

The new search options are enabled via the Application User Facilities for Cashbook. Within the Cashbook Transactions / Cash Receipts parameter screen a new option has been added to enable the advanced search options.

Allow Search on Invoice Reference – this (existing option) enables the alternate search for an invoice reference when posting receipts to the sales ledger and must be set to allow the advanced search method.

Via Option Key – if the above is set then this option controls whether the system prompts for the invoice reference as an alternative to the account code (left blank) or whether the invoice search is in addition to the usual account search via a <F7-Option> key on the account code input.

Advanced Search Method – set to allow the advanced search method.

Database Changes

To allow the search for the BACS Account Name a new item is required on the Sales Ledger Accounts file (X-type with a typical size of 30/35 characters). This item also requires referencing within the Datafile Database Profiles for the Sales Ledger on the ‘Account Optional 4’ parameter screen.

  • Release ID: 5.9