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Screen Size Settings

Datafile Software

Screen Size Settings

The Datafile recommended settings for screen displays are a resolution of 1024x768 with font settings of Arial 10pt.However, where users have larger / widescreen monitors Datafile is stretched to the full window and can result in some display oddities. Existing options allowed you to size the window to a percentage of the full screen but was not very user-friendly.

New in Release 6.1 you can pass a screen size setting within the DFWIN or DATAFILE INI files so that the Datafile window is sized as 1024x768 pixels wide, or whatever size you choose, and if the screen resolution is higher the Datafile window will not be expanded to full size.

You can set the parameter within either the DFWIN.INI or the DATAFILE.INI, if set in the DATAFILE.INI it will apply to all users (and any DATAFILE.INI entry would override the DFWIN.INI).Within the INI file if you add the line


 then the Datafile window will be sized according to these settings and will ‘shrink’ the window for higher resolutions. If the INI setting is higher than screen resolution then will be ignored.

As an alternative to the INI entry you can add the modifier /SIZE=1024x768 to the program icon (C:\DFWIN\PROGRAMS\DFWIN.EXE /SIZE=1024x768)

  • Release ID: 6.1