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Password Security

Each Datafile user has the option for a password when log-on.  This password can be any length from 0 to 10 characters.  This password is then retained indefinitely (until it is changed).


This new feature allows additional settings for password control including options to force a strong password, minimum password lengths and so on.  To enable these settings additional features have been added to the MASTER / General Multi-User Options.



Force Strong Password – set this option so that passwords must contain a letter (A-Z), a number (0-9) and a symbol character (! @ for example). 


Minimum Password Length – leave at zero to allow any password length, otherwise set from 1 to 10 to enforce a minimum length.  Note if enforcing a strong password, the minimum length should be at least three.


Force Change of Password Every How Many Days – leave at zero to not enforce a change of password otherwise set number from 1 to 365.


Prevent Repeat Password in How Many Changes – set to zero to allow the password to be reset the same each time, otherwise set number from 1 to 15 to prevent re-use in that number of changes.


In addition to the above we would recommend that the pre-existing option Allow Users to Change Own Passwordis enabled.



When you log on and your password has expired you will be warned



Selecting OK with either return you to the menu (if Allow Users to Change Own Password is not enabled) or take you into screen to enter a new password.



The system will validate for length, content and re-use before accepting the password and then return you to the sign-on screen to sign on with user-id and new password.





If the option to allow change of password is not enabled the system will warn and return you to the sign-on and will need to go to their ‘manager’ so it can be reset via the MASTER / List of User IDs option.

  • Release ID: 7.1