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Application Reports - Save PDF Copy to Folder

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Application Reports - Save PDF Copy to Folder

This new feature is an extension of the earlier option where Period End Reports for the Sales, Purchase and Stock applications can be saved to a folder retaining a copy of the created period reports. Here, each individual application report can be set to be saved to a folder allowing you to save copies of the reports – this allows you to save copies of ‘period end’ style reports for the likes of the Nominal, Job Costing, Payroll and other applications.

When printing a report an OPTIONS button is available on the main report pre-amble screen and the pathname to save a PDF copy can be entered here.

Append Date / Time to File Name
– if looking to save a PDF copy of (say) the Nominal Update report from the Sales Ledger or a Batch Update Commentary then as the report title will be identical each time then you would overwrite the last run each time. Setting this option appends the date and time of the print to the report filename so a unique copy is saved. This option also applies if output report to Excel.

PDF Folder – here you set the folder pathname for the saved PDF reports to be held. Special character sets are allowed as a folder name which are replaced at run-time with appropriate characters – these include:

CCC – replaced with current company id.

APPLIC – replaced with application id (SL for Sales Ledger, PL for Purchase Ledger and so on)

YYYY – replaced with current financial year (taken from start date of period 1)

NN – replaced with the current period number for the application (non-period driven applications such as SOP uses the linked Sales Period No, POP the Purchase Period No, BOM the Stock Period No and so on)

Each of the special characters are only replaced if it is a unique sub-folder and not part of a folder structure so PERIOD\YYYY\NN\ would replace YYYY with 2013 and NN with 01 but PERIOD\YYYY-NN\ would not generate a replacement.

When printing a report set to save to PDF the system will display the saved pathname within the Print Dialog.

A PDF copy is only saved if you send the report to Screen, Print Device, Disk Spooler, Email or PDF. A copy is not saved if send the report to Word, Excel, Pivot Table or Fax-File Server (the status display is updated to show this). If send to PDF / Email then a PDF copy is still updated into the main REPORT folder for the user as well as the saved copy.

Nominal Financial Summaries 

‘Full Mode’ Financial Summaries don’t have an OPTIONS button available when printing the report. For these documents the report General Parameters allow you to set the saved pathname for these reports.

  • Release ID: 6.7