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Save Period End Reports

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Save Period End Reports

As you run the Period End for the Sales and Purchase Ledgers you often print a series of reports and a ‘Automatic Period End Reports’ option is available that allows you to run a selection of the system reports as one procedure.

Many users elect not to print these files directly but instead ‘Spool’ them for later print or enquiry – sometimes creating specific user-id’s so the spool files are not created against general operational ids but instead against a period end user-id to keep a copy of these files.

This new option allows the Automatic Period End Reports to be saved as PDF files within a set folder on your server – with separate sub-folders for each company, application and period – instead of, or as well as, printing to a spool or print device.


Application User Facilities

A new parameter has been added into the Period End options within the Sales and Purchase Ledger Application User Facilities. To update select Installation from the main menu followed by Application Manager and then Application User Facilities. Select the required application followed by Period / Year End.

Base folder in which to save PDF versions of Period / Year-End Reports– enter the folder location where you wish to save PDF copies of the Automatic Period End Reports. Note that any folder specified here should be accessible from all operators who can run the period end.

Within this folder, as the period end reports are saved, the system will create a nested folder structure of the company id, application ident (SL / PL), financial year and period. The financial year is taken from the start date of period 1.


A similar option is available for the Stock Ledger.

When running the Automatic Year End Reporting options the system uses period number ‘99’ as the folder id.

If the individual reports within the automatic list also have a ‘Save PDF’ location set then this is overridden by the Period End location set here when run as part of the Automatic process.

  • Release ID: 6.7

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