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Employee Mandatory 1/4

Datafile Software

Employee Mandatory 1/4

X Data Item Type Description

Title X (3) }

Forename X (15) } Employee Name

Surname X (17) }

Full Name & Group of the above three items

Date of Birth E Employee Date of Birth

Date of Leaving E This is only updated once the employee has left.

Sex (Male/Female) X (1) This takes the value of M for Male, F for Female

Over Pension Age ? Flag item set to indicate that the employee is over pension age (65)

Department T Holds the employee department number

Pay Method X (1) Holds the method of payment to the employee – C for Cash, Q for Cheque, B-Bank Giro and A-AutoPay

X Switches X (52) Holds a text string of the switches in use for the employee.The first character is A if the first switch is used otherwise it is blank; the second character is B if the second switch is used otherwise blank, etc.

X Next Dept/Employee N Holds the record number of the next employee for the department that this employee is a part.

Unique Code X (10) Applicable for Premiersystems this can be used as an employee number.The format would be set via the Code Formats section and if referenced this item must be the first secondary index of the employee file.

X Switches-2 X (28) Holds the second block of switch characters as above. This item is only required if Payroll Plus is in use.

Employee Address From X (30) } Holds a consecutive series of four items

Employee Address To X (30) } that contain the employee address
  • Release ID: Standard